looking for a review of a Full Size Kenwood Mini Disc player


Sven Erik

Hi there,

can anyone help me find a published or personal review, of a full size Kenwood Mini Disc player Model DM-SG7 ?

A friend has tried but can't find any and I said I'd ask here.

If you know of any specific HiFi forums ( as this is an AV forum ) then that info may be helpfull too.

Many thanks in advance.:confused:


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http://forum.hifichoice.co.uk/index.php A very good hifi forum fro all levels of hifi enthusiast.

http://www.minidisc.org You want MD info heres the definitive place



Oh and go for a full size Sony 930/940/980 or Pioneer 508 if you can they only full size Kenwood Ive seen that is any good is a model called a 9020 IIRC. A big £500 effort that was on par with the Sony 930 deck @ £300.
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