Looking for a replacement sony sd-187 0r 07ms blue tube for a data 600


Billy Davies

Alright guys and girls,

I am searching high and low for a replacement blue tube for my barco data 600. I cannot afford a brand new tube, but need to replace my currently broken tube.

The type I need is either:

Sony sd187
or a
Sony 07ms

Because, as I understand it these two types of tubes are interchangeable.

At the time of writing all that is on ebay.co.uk is a green tube. I have found a couple of possible options on ebay.com, but they sound a bit dodge as the seller specifies that the cooling fluid needs draining and replacing before they will work. This is probably a bit beyond me, and I would prefer to keep it simple. Besides the postage to the UK is as much as the tube itself, and would take ages.

So if anybody in the UK has one of these tubes in working condition please post me a reply so I can buy it from you.

Many thanks,



Active Member
Hi there Billy

first off mods if this is against rules please delete this post straight away, im just looking to help others out.

If have a SD187 in good condition, with no fungus and very good focus, if you are interested, it was about to go on fleabay anyway.

Best regards


Billy Davies

Hiya PsychoDogBeast,

Is it a blue sd187 - if so how much?

Also do you have other sd187s, as I was thinking about trying to stockpile a few spares in case this happens again.

Although I have never used it, I presume that the private messaging feature of the forum might be the best way to conduct business. Is it possible to have private sales in ebay, as then there is still some security around the transaction. (Just being cautious as obviously I don't know you from adam :) )

Let me know the details,


Apologies to the mods for posting this here, as although it is to do with CRT, it is not necessarily of interest to all users. Hopefully the rest of this discussion can be done using private messaging.

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