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Looking for a reasonable priced plasma

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by Dave Page, Nov 22, 2004.

  1. Dave Page

    Dave Page

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    Hi, I am currently looking for a reasonable priced plasma display (up to about £1,800) I have been looking around on the internet and shops and just getting more confused.

    I have been thinking about a Tiny 42", but I would like to actually see what I am buying before parting with my cash - I am also aware of Tiny's reputation in the past - so I think I have talk my self out of this one. I have also looked at a LG MZ42PZ45V at Richer sounds which looked reasonable until I found a LG RZ42PX11 at Unbeatable - now this is where I started to get confused.

    My requirements are:

    The display will have TV, DVD, VCR and PS2 images provided by a Sony AV amp via either a phono cable or preferably S-Video.

    Sound will come the amp as well so speakers are not vital but would be preferred (just in case the amp goes wrong).

    I also wish the plasma to be used for a alternative monitor for my PC which has a DVI output and when connected would be for online gaming.

    I look forward to any suggestions


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