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Hi all, I'm looking for a projector meeting certain constraints. I've done a lot of googling over a few weeks, and have gotten a bit frustrated because nothing on the market seems to have the right balance of specs I need. Here's what I need:

  • Bright. It will be used outdoors in full sunlight.
  • Small distance between projector and screen. It must be in the short throw range, 2-3ft is ideal. The displayed picture needs to be about 2ft in width.
  • Portable. Pocket or pico size is a must.
  • Low resolution. I keep finding high lumen projectors that are also high cost, but I suspect all of their other premium features including super HD resolutions may be to blame. 800x600 is the objective but could deal with lower.
  • Low cost. $500 USD is the objective. Again, I may be wrong, but there are no other "premium" features I need. Don't need sound, Wi-Fi, HD resolution, or anything. Just need short-throw and high brightness.
I've been told 4000-4500 lumens is ideal for the sunny outdoors. It's a shame projectors with such brightness seem to be just high-end projectors across the board. I'll end with two additional questions:

Could I get away with projecting outdoors with lower lumens since I am also wanting to project at very close-range and only need 2ft screen width?

Is there any prospect for increasing the brightness of a projector after-market? I'm not well-versed in how the lamp works in these things, but that's an idea to turn a small cheap projector into a small cheap outdoor projector.


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