Question Looking for a professional Installer in South West area


I had my small cinema room kitted out and installed by Jag of Epic Home Cinema about 3 years ago.
As explained in a earlier thread of mine it looks like the Filmex material has changed colour due to being in direct sunlight.
It's difficult for Jag to travel down to my part of the country (Weston Super Mare) so I'm looking for someone to make a few changes to my room.
This was my first cinema room (an extension) so didn't really know what I was doing.
I had a carpenter who worked for the builder doing the extension to make the wooden frame for the screen, not knowing that it was not quite accurate enough.
The changes I want made are:
  • New wooden frame
  • Cover new frame with new Filmex
  • Lower projector slightly so that it is more level with the screen
  • Add second subwoofer
  • Update Arcam/Dirac and have new calibration done
I will want the work done once the final Arcam/Dirac update is available so that I can get everything done in one go.

I've sent a message via Whatsapp to Jag but have not heard back from him yet (he is a busy man :) ) but I don't think he will be able to get to me for months, so thought I would ask here if there is anyone closer that can do the work?
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