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Hey all.

This is my first time here, and looking through a few of the threads it looks like a really good place.

I know theres a million and one different threads about 1080i vs 1080p and whatnot, and i think im beginning to understand their differences..... but my main aim in this post is to see what the "guru's" would do in my situation.

Basically im looking to get a new TV. Its main role will be normal terrestrial TV, possibly freeview, and possibly sky. Right now its unlikely i will use any HD sources for "normal TV".

The next(joint) aim of this TV would be to play an xbox 360 on.

When watching films, for now anyway, it will be streamed from my PC through the xbox 360. I have no HD DVD or bluRay player, but i suppose that could change in the future.

As things stand now, the TV will be in my bedroom. The furthest from the TV i could get i just measured at around 105 inches, or 8.75 feet.

Thats about all the info i can think of that may be useful in making a valid decision.

The TV ive been looking at is: Samsung 37" LE37R87BDX/XEU

This is 1080i max though, is it worth me spending more on a 1080p?

Thanks for any info/advice you may give :)
and please ask any questions if it may help.



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Whoops, how can i leave out something like that.

I wouldnt say i had a definite budget, other than best bang for my buck. Lets cap it at £650 for now....


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Shameless bump.

Please give me a hand here, i dont want to spend my money on something not right for me. :thumbsdow


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