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I'm looking to replace a 40" Sony LCD/LED TV I bought probably 10..12+ years ago. I bought it when the transition to LED backlighting was just getting underway. It has been a fantastic TV and though it is only 2K, its picture is still great. I've probably bought 3 or 4 TV's maybe 2-4 years ago trying to find something to replace it, but each time is has been the same thing - they just do not impress me enough over the Sony so they went back.

We watch a over the air TV, streaming from Amazon/Netflix/other services, and my son plays XBOX One on it.

My goal is a larger TV (around 55"), but one challenge I have is that the table I have to put it on only has a 35.5" width so depending on the leg type, some TV's are workable, and some are not workable. I could replace the table, but I'd rather not if I just find a TV that works well with the one I have.

In the past couple of weeks I've looked at a number of TV's, and the first thing I'm going to eliminate is OLED. They are beautiful, but I'd be pretty mad to spend a decent amount of money on a TV only to have it develop a burn in issue and my secondary concern is longevity issues. What I would like is another TV that can look as good as the 40" Sony 12 years later if possible. I'm not saying I would have it that long, but I'm thinking this puts me squarely in the place of a LED backlit LCD TV.

The one thing that I'm trying to figure out is what features are really necessary vs. the price point. I've been looking at a 55" Samsung Q80T (Q8DT?)

This is more than I want to spend, but is doable if it really justifies its price. On its face this seems like a decent deal with a 4 year warranty thrown in as well, and other places online want $1200-$1300 for this same TV with no warranty.

What I don't know is what makes worth twice the price of something like this:

What do you guys think? Is the Samsung worth twice the price of the Sony? What does it have to justify this?


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hello. the q80 is almost top of the range and costs a lot you could buy the q70 and it shows well. if not go to lg nano91 which is the same as the Sony to a little less screen illumination but also almost top of the range. the q70 with 800 euros you can find it. The nano91 it takes 200 euros more


The Sony X950H is the best 'premium' model to buy right now, it trades blow with the higher end Q90T and is a lot cheaper. TVs like the Samsung Q80T or Sony X900H are a tier beneath with HDR picture quality.

Best bang for buck are TVs like the Vizio P series / Hisense H9G (Q9G Costco) / TCL 6 series which all do things 90% as good as the more expensive models but cost a lot less. The main disadvantage being viewing angles on those models.

Cheaper TVs from the likes of Samsung/Sony are best avoided this day and age unless you have unusual viewing habits and plan to ignore video content that includes HDR data (a lot of what you buy into today is HDR picture quality).


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Thanks guys - I looked at the X950H, but its wide set legs don't fit the table I have unfortunately. I'm going to try the Q8DT 55" and see what I think. They have 60 day returns if it isn't awesome.


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You can buy different stands to fit to the vesa mount points, eg with a centre leg


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My wife was looking at some of those last night as an option - I appreciate you mentioning it because I didn't know they existed until yesterday!


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Interesting - I did not know that. I will keep that in mind if the don't like the Q8DT when it shows!


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The Q8DT arrived and the picture was great, until it kept having problems with consistent dimming. If there was something in the background that white, it would vary/waver in brightness level for some reason. If I turned off the adaptive picture, most images looked much worse, but with it on, it had this dimming issue and I finally was out of patience and took it back. I didn't care much for a remote without number entry and one where they bothered to put an ambient button no one uses, but it lacks an input select button that everyone would want to use.

Okay, so I am back at square one.

My question is this - if I look at the sony 900H or 950H which both have local dimming, will I experience the same issue with whites changing brightness levels? Was that some sort of problem with the Samsung alone?

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^I had the 85Q90t and now the 85 900H, and know what your talking about with the Sammie, I get no such issues with the Sony.

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