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I currently have a Panasonic cx680 55“.

My set up is Apple TV, Sonos beam v1 and PS4. Possibly ps5.
I am mainly using it for Apple TV stuff, Netflix, prime, iPlayer etc. I am looking at possibly ps5.

I am hoping to get a smart tv that has all the apps so I can potentially ditch the Apple TV. Is that possible?

I am also looking at a maximum 50”. I have no particular budget in mind But less than £1000.



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Thank you for that.

I looked at some of the reviews on the Sony and the lg seems to be ahead. The only thing is that I can see a lot of forum stating issues with the lg and the Sonos beam.


Your budget allows 48" OLEDs. Hard to recommend alternative LCD TVs since they tend to be dimmer at smaller sizes compared to OLED which retain the same brightness at 48" to larger sizes.

It's a shame you are size limited to 50", since there are better value 55" OLEDs that tend to be have better features or a price to performance ratio.

Most people are only using built in smart TV now, shouldn't need your Apple TV any more.

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