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Long story, but I'm no longer going to be living in the same house as my beloved hi-fi that has served me well over the last 9 it's done me so well, I'd like to get a new equivalent if possible.

I'll be playing a mixture of vinyl and CDs, but will likely also link it to my PC at times and perhaps my television.

Here is the current system:
Turntable: Sony PS-LX250H
CD player: Cambridge Azur 640C
Amplifier: Cambridge Azur 540A
Speakes: Tangent floor standers (unsure of model number, I'm sure that they cost about £350 back in 2008)
Plus all cables and interconnects.

I think that this came to about £1000 back then, so I'd be willing to spend about £1200 or so now.

Any advice?

The room where the hifi will live is 5m by 3m.



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You might be ok with the following, withing budget and all good performers. The marantz has 2 optical ins, so connecting your tv is no problem. If your pc has an optical out you are set, if not you may need to consider a usb dac, about another 100. The speakers might be a little to big for your room, but richer sounds also have mission mx3i, which are well received and a little smaller.

Q ACOUSTICS 2050i GRGraphite Speakers Per Pair

MARANTZ PM6006Black Stereo Amplifier

MARANTZ CD5005Black CD Player



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So, you are starting from ZERO with nothing but a pocket full of money. There is none of your existing equipment that you can salvage or sell toward you new system?

Next, do you want a very basic system duplicating what you had, or would you like to move up into a more modern system containing an amp that has DACs or possibly Network Streaming of Audio?

As a Starting Point, I would say -

1x = Turntable
1x = CD Player
1x = Amp/Receiver
2x = Speakers

That gives us a total of 5X, so we divide £1200 by 5 and we have £240 = 1X. We now have -

£240/ea = Turntable
£240/ea = CD Player
£240/ea = Amp/Receiver
£480/pr = Speakers

About the only place you could save money would be on the CD Player, you might be able to get something for closer to £150 to £200.

That is a lean budget. Especially on the Turntable. Probably the best entry level are going to run in the £300 to £350 range. But there are some lower cost options that are still good.

Consider these turntables -

Reloop RP1000M DJ Turntable - Superfi

Audio Technica ATLP120USBC USB Turntable - Superfi

Project Essential III A Turntable - Superfi

There are a few other options at this lower price point.

In CD Players - On the lower end, these are probably the best you will find -

Marantz CD5005 CD Player - Superfi

Yamaha CDS300 CD Player - Superfi

Onkyo C7030 CD Player - Superfi

Pioneer PD30 CD/SACD Player - Superfi

Denon DCD720AE CD Player - Superfi

Marantz CD6006 CD Player - Superfi

Yamaha CDN301 Networked CD Player - Superfi

This last CD Player also included NETWORK STREAMING of Audio.

Amplifier/Receiver -

Denon PMA720AE Amplifier - Superfi

Marantz PM6006 Amplifier with DAC - Superfi

Onkyo A9050 Amplifier with DAC - Superfi

Yamaha AS501 Amplifier with DAC - Superfi

These Next two Receivers have 80w/ch and include DACs, Bluetooth, and Network Streaming -

Pioneer SXN30 Network Receiver - Superfi

Yamaha RN602 Networked Stereo Receiver - Superfi

I'm using a single source, but definitely check around for a better selection and better prices. Amazon-UK is always a good source among many other.

Speakers -

These first speakers are low-ball speakers. The price is amazingly low, but Yamaha tends to be under-rated in speakers, so if you get a chance, they are definitely worth listening to.

YAMAHA NSF51Black Speakers Per Pair

Now to more realistic speakers, though keep in mind since I don't know what you will pay for the other equipment, I'm going to include a range of price here, all good choices -

Q ACOUSTICS 2050i GRGraphite Speakers Per Pair

CAMBRIDGE AUDIO SX80Walnut Speakers Per Pair

DALI ZENSOR 5Walnut Speakers Per Pair

MONITOR AUDIO BRONZE 5Walnut Speakers Per Pair

Q ACOUSTICS 3050Matte Graphite Speakers Per Pair

KEF Q500 Speakers (Pair) - Superfi

Wharfedale Diamond 240 Floor Standing Speakers (Pair) - Superfi

KEF Q700 Speakers (Pair) - Superfi

Tannoy Mercury 7.4 Speakers - Superfi

The absolute best bargains are the Wharfedale Diamond 240 and the Kef Q700, both with 2x6.5" bass drivers, both just under £500/pr. But the Diamond 240 retail for £700/pr and the Kef Q700 retail for £999/pr.

So, let's put together a sample system and see how it works out -

£240/ea = Audio Technica AT-LP120 Turntable
£200/ea = Yamaha CDS300 CD Player
£270/ea = Yamaha AS501, 85w/ch, DAC
£500/pr = Wharfedale Diamond 240 or KEF Q700 (links above)
£1210 = Total

Audio Technica ATLP120USBC USB Turntable - Superfi

Yamaha CDS300 CD Player - Superfi

YAMAHA AS501Black Stereo Amplifier

If you want to take that one step upward and include Network Streaming, the price goes up a bit, but probably worth it.

£240/ea = Audio Technica AT-LP120 Turntable
£200/ea = Yamaha CDS300 CD Player
£380/ea = Yamaha RN602 Network Receiver 80w/ch, DAC. Streaming, Bluetooth
£500/pr = Wharfedale Diamond 240 or KEF Q700 (links above)
£1320 = Total (and well worth it in my opinion)

If you want to scale back to bookshelf, yet bookshelf with very good bass, then consider these -

Wharfedale Diamond 225 Speakers (Pair) - Superfi

Tannoy Mercury 7.2 Speakers - Superfi

DALI ZENSOR 3 BK SPKRS (PAIR) (Opened box) - Superfi

Dali Zensor 3 Speakers (Pair) - Superfi

Monitor Audio Bronze 2 Speakers (Pair) - Superfi

B&W 685 S2 Bookshelf Speakers (Pair) - Superfi

For Music, the very low cost Diamond 225 would be very good.

There are lower cost turntables like the Reloop, but if you check YouTube you will find 100's of good reviews on the Audio Technica LP120.

Though you will generally find good reviews of the Reloop RP1000 as well.

Plus viewing the video will allow you a closer look at the turntables without having to leave home.

You probably won't find a better CD Player than the Yamaha CDS300 for the money, but the Yamaha CDN301 is the same CD Player but has Network Streaming built in. That might work out if that is a feature you are interested in -

£240/ea = Audio Technica AT-LP120 Turntable
£250/ea = Yamaha CDN301 Network CD Player
£270/ea = Yamaha AS501, 85w/ch, DAC
£500/pr = Wharfedale Diamond 240 or KEF Q700 (links above)
£1260 = Total

My preference is for Networking built into the Amp/Receiver, but when the budget is tight we do the best we can with what we've got.

There are many other similar products, and many sources of these products, so do shop around and weight the options, and search for better prices.

The Wharfedale Diamond 240 and the KEF Q700 speakers are absolutely the best deals in new speakers that you will find right now. The top my list in this price range. Keep in mind both are in limited supply and for a limited time. The Diamond 240 are on sale, though soon to be on close-out, and the Kef Q700 are on close-out.

If nothing else, I have given you some perspective on the possibilities at or near your price range.

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Thank you for the help so far folks.

I might be able to stretch another hundred or so, depending on what my bonus ends up being...

Yup, nothing I can salvage from the current set up, as it will carry on being my ex-wife's system...


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I should have added the KEF Q300 to that list of Bookshelf speakers. On close-out, they should be a bargain -

Kef Q300, 165mm bass, [email protected] - £230/pr (£450/pr retail) -

KEF Q300 Bookshelf Speakers

True you will get more from used items, but with New items you get full manufacturer's warranty, and dealer support. And as I have shown, you can get anyone of three good systems near you budget.

It is just a matter of deciding what features really matter, and focusing on those amps and speakers.


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