Looking for a new receiver - where to start?


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I have a fairly old Onyx TX-DS484 - bought it back in '99-'00 timeframe. For the time it was great for my apartment. The speakers are old Cambridge Soundworks.

I'm In a much larger house now, with a much newer TV, etc. I would like to upgrade the system, be able to get a lower cable count in the bargain, and would like to be able to route the sound from my TV (from watching Prime etc.) through the receiver.

Where should I be looking to start my research on choices for a new receiver? It seems like half the stuff out there on the web is paid promotion.


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I suggest you give these good people an idea of what you uses are e.g movies / music. Also what your inputs will be consoles/media player/dvd etc etc.
and the main ones, size of room, what speaker setup (5.1/atmos etc) and the big one budget.

also take a scan at the other threads where folks have asked similar to get the idea of the information to supply and what you've looked at/considered and what you have rejected.

happy hunting as things have certainly changed since you last looked.

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