Looking for a new monitor but not sure what to get


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As per title, I've saw people mention they are using High resolutions above 1920x1080 aswell as things like 120hz also don't think I'll need 3D as I've got a 55" Sammy ES8000 hooked up to the PC but if 3D gaming is good on a PC monitor I don't mind having it.

Not really got a price in mind but I know you've usually,gotta send money to get quality when it comes to the pc market.

This is my current setup, gaming from the couch is great but sitting point blank in front of that beast for online gaming just feels unnatural.


I think it's maybe time to ditch the 5 year old Dell and get something I'll enjoy gaming on. Just wondering if the technology changes for a new monitor will feel like the change from huge CRT monitors to the colourful lcd's 5 years ago. I know the change from my old Toshiba LCD TV to my Samsung D8000 LED in 2011 was huge and then I upgraded to the 2012 ES 8000.
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What size and res is your current monitor? What graphics card are you running? If you want to go >1080p then you need to major graphical HP to do it. At least 670/7950 SLI/xfire IMO. If you have a single card then you really need to be running 680/7970 at least and even then you'll struggle to push 60FPS on something like BF3 @1440p.


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Running an i7 950 rig with a Asus GeForce GTX 580 DirectCU II 1536MB and 24" monitor, I've been trying to finish a lot of my old games as ive got extremely backlogged so I've not played many recent games, currently playing Crysis 2 and its running fine maxed out, hitmam was fine as was Max Payne 3 although I maxed out everything part from 1 setting as I got a warning about having a 2 gig card.

Think I may be in a slight bind as my once meaty rig may be hitting middle age, not sure if buying another 580 and going sli may help.
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