Looking for a new mini hifi sytem...high output


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Hi, i'm looking for a new hifi, i have a denon amp with tv, ps3 etc connected but i want a separate hifi just for music.
I want something that's going to be as loud as possible with a £300 max budget
I've had a denon M39, it's nowhere near loud enough to fill a fairly large room. The Panasonic mx7 is 120w total output, unsure if this will pack the punch i need.
Can anyone point me in the right direction?
Bluetooth connectivity would be nice but not priority.

Thanks in advance guys


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Don Dadda

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Quality over quantity i'll say. There are amps out there that when pushed, sounds and feel much louder than what wattage is printed on their spec sheets. Further more, seldom do folks use the full wattage capability of their chosen amp. My amp can do 120w per channel, but there's no way i would use that. I'm not sure what wattage i am using when i want to go higher than my average listening level, but i can say if i got to 50w and still be in the same room means 2 things, I'm wearing ear muffs or I've gone/going deaf.

How big is this fairly large room?


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As Don Dadda has said, how big is your room and what sort of levels are you realistically looking at achieving?

If its just a music system for you and like it loud then I'd be tempted to go down the headphone route instead, they can reach crazy high SPL at your ear with little disturbance to anyone else and you don't have to try and fill a huge room.

Second you could maybe look at active speakers. I've got some active Dynaudio's and they'll easily fill a 17ft x 13ft lounge without even breaking a sweat. However you may have to look at something a little lower down the scale (money wise) and possibly add a sub to reinforce the bottom end.

Finally if neither of the above two appeal to you...

Look on eBay and find something like a set of Mission 702e's which can be had for £50 - 75.

Then have a look on here or eBay for a half decent 2nd hand amp from the likes of Arcam/Rotel/Musical fidelity etc

I think that lot would nearly swallow all your budget but source wise I'd be very tempted to pick up a Sonos ZP80/90 when funds allow.

Don't get hung up on watts, a 60 watt stereo amp powering some fairly forgiving speakers will happily go as loud without distorting as 'Johnny's' 500w ghetto blaster!


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Thanks guys, The Panasonic looks like it will do the job. waiting for Currys to get more stock in next week. In the meantime I'm gonna check out some of you're suggestions.

Thanks again

Don Dadda

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Have got a link to this panasonic? As your description brings back a mobile phone. I'm also curious about the 120w claim.


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I'd take those Panasonic specs with a large pinch of salt. Firstly I'll wager that 120W "total power" is 60W per channel. After all, the unit as a whole only draws 60W max from the mains.

Then bear in mind that it's quoted into a very low 3 Ohm load & with rather high 10% THD figures. Power ratings in proper HiFi amps would normally be measured at less than 0.1% THD.

So I'd hazard a guess that in real terms it's probably nearer 20-25W.

Specs - SC-PMX7DB Hi Fi - Panasonic

The specs in the manual confirm that they're talking about 60WPC.

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If you're only after spl get speakers like these, and a pro amp.

Midi hifis don't have 120W, that would be PMPO rating, which is at 10%. Get something like a pro amp ie Crown K1 or K2



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Once again:


Perhaps a more tangible definition of "as loud as possible" & "a fairly large room" would help. What exactly are you looking to achieve?
I think i jumped the gun with my last post, sorry. I was looking at the spec of the speakers and not the unit! i got a bit excited.
My living room is 24x15ft and when i say loud i mean louder than my previous unit Denon M39.

Thanks for your patience guys

Don Dadda

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Are you sure you got the right thread? :D

Nmjams, if you want us also to help narrow down suggestions or steer you in the right direction to fulfil the requirements, you are going to have to do better than 'louder than the dm39' as that does not mean much to those who have not owned one or who have not cranked up . And as much as I could hazard a guess, i and many others do not know how loud it can go before it becomes unacceptable and it does not need to be at full volume for that.

This is what we know:
You want a separate system for music.
Budget £300
Has to be louder than a dm39.
Room size 24x15.

What we don't know is:
What will be the source(s)?
What speakers you have or is this part of the budget or a separate budget?
What's your music tastes?
Besides louder, anything else you want to improve? More detailed/warmer sound.

If the budget is for amp and speakers, it is lean for Anything new and decent but if you don't mind secondhand, more bang for your buck.

All those that you have thought about are not going to be any better than the dm39. As far as the Panasonic, a bit of clever marketing almost had you heading towards total disappointment.
If it is a mini hifi that you want, a Marantz mcr610 is quite a powerful mini hifi at 60w per chan with 6ohms speakers or 45wpc with 8 ohms speakers, but with a room that size, one would go the separates route and save towards it
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More questions:

What speakers were you using with the Denon?

How much louder than that do you want to go?

Do you need the fill the whole room at this volume or will there be a listening area?

What is the priority, quantity (volume) or quality?​


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Thanks guys for your patience,
okay, my source will be my laptop and android phone, i'm in no means an audiophile but i thought that the Denon m39 wasn't up to much, it came as a bundle deal with some cheap speakers that i cant name atm.
Last night i looked at the Marantz mcr610, looks a lovely piece of kit.
Marantz MCR610 MELODY MEDIA & Q Acoustics 2010i | Mini System INC Speakers | Richer Sounds
and as far as budget goes i can stretch to about £500
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That Marantz is well regarded but again is going to be limited by what can physically fit in a small box. I think your best bet is going to be a visit to a dealer to actually listen to one of these systems or arrange a home dem.

But if you want sustained, very high volume listening you probably need to look more towards pro audio kit rather than domestic HiFi.


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Let me reframe your original question to lend some perspective -

I want a Mini-Cooper that can haul cargo freight?

Good luck with that.

Can you explain why you need such a tiny system in a 24ft x 15ft room?

Can we assume the system will be on the 15ft wall? If the system is on the 24ft wall, that makes a difference.

Mini-Coopers do not haul cargo freight, and tiny stereos do not make big sound. There is a reason why they don't throw Rock Concerts using a couple of bookshelf speakers.

Though I'm sure it goes against the grain, let me make a suggestion. Start over, give us your budget, and your requirements and limitations, and well will suggest system to meet those needs and fit that budget.

Can you think of any other use for the system?
For example, even a very basic Stereo system will make TV sound better. But having that requirement comes with considerations of its own.

What features do you really need? Do you need Streaming from local storage/computer and/or from the Internet?

As before, is this a music only system, or will movies also be involved? Each option comes with its own considerations.

We also need a clear understanding of the full range of components you need? CD Player? Turntable Input? Sub Out? Streaming? AM/FM? Other?

If music, then what kind of music? Rock? Club/Dance? Jazz? Classical?

I suggest, if nothing else, even with a mini-amp, you get bigger speakers. Tiny speakers are best for near-field listening, such as a computer desktop, as an example. But for whole room listening, the solution is NOT tiny speakers. Though modest bookshelf are probably fine.

Next, VOLUME!!!! There is loud, which most systems can do, and then there is Crazy Loud, which no system or user should ever do. Keep in mind mind, it only takes about 1 watt to average Reference Levels. But, while 1 watt can be loud, it makes for a very limited amp, so we will go for a bit more power than that. But, much like speaker size, you can only expect just so much from an amp.

In a straight forward Stereo system, let me suggest this -

Denon PMA-720, 50w/ch, Stereo Amp (£169) -

Superfi - Denon PMA720AE Amplifier

Wharfedale Diamond 9.1 speakers (£99/pr) -

Superfi - Wharfedale Diamond 9.1 Speakers (Pair)

Tannoy Mercury V1i speakers (£134/pr) -

Superfi - Tannoy Mercury V1i Speakers (Pair)

Wharfedale Diamond 121 speaker (£175/pr) -

Superfi - Wharfedale Diamond 121 Bookshelf Speakers (Pair)

If you want to add a CD Player to the above system, that is another £169 -

Superfi - Denon DCD720AE CD Player

That brings the total system cost up into the range of £347 up to £512.

Depending on your budget and your requirements, there are many other options. But the above creates a pretty straight-forward Stereo system. These systems range from £269 up to £344 (amp+spkrs). That will certainly out perform a Mini-System. Though likely the Mini-System will have more features.

If you insist on a Mini-System, then get one that has some power and has bigger speakers, but be prepared to pay for it.

Superfi - Marantz MCR610 Melody Media Player Mini System

Superfi - Marantz MCR610 Melody Media Player Mini System with Wharfedale Diamond 9.1 Bookshelf Speakers (with Free Speaker Cable)

Superfi - Marantz MCR610 Melody Media Player Mini System with Tannoy Mercury V1i Speakers

Superfi - Marantz MCR610 Melody Media Player Mini System with Monitor Audio Bronze BX2 Bookshelf Speakers (with Free Speaker Cable)

If you want a system with a good speaker, that goes deep enough, but it not necessarily bass heavy, then the Marantz + Zensor 1 might be a good combination.

Superfi - Marantz MCR610 Melody Media Player Mini System with Dali Zensor 1 Bookshelf Speakers (with Free Speaker Cable)

There are a wide range of possibilities, you just need to narrow down your requirements, preferences, and priorities.

I'm just illustrating possibilities, it is up to you to tell us what your requirements are.

Just a few thoughts.

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Thanks guys i've changed my mind on the Panasonic!
just had a quick look on richersounds site, this on offer, any feedback, it looks a nice unit
Cambridge Audio ONE Black & MINX XL Black | Mini System INC Speakers | Richer Sounds
I've got that if you have any questions. I am not sure how loud you want. I turned the volume up and at 36 out of ? it was as loud as I was going to go. You can also add an active subwoofer to it as well. Laptops, mobile phones etc can be connected via Bluetooth, USB, digital and analogue sockets.

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