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After many years being a hardcore desktop user I've decided to go for a laptop. Add in site you'll agree , there is so much choice out there and I'm going around in circles trying to decide. So I'm looking for some suggestions please .

The PC in replacing is a few years old and built by myself :
i7 2600k
Corsair Hydro h80 with Noctua fans
Nvidia GRX 1070 FE
2 x 120gb SSD
1x 1tb HDD
16gb DDR 3 Corsair vengeance

Pretty decent rig but time for it to go , I don't game and have mainly used it to stream movies through my home theatre. I'm looking for a decent replacement in the firm of a laptop. Requirements as follows :
Windows 10..
Must boot fast.
Must operate fast.
Intel i5 / i7
SSD 256gb or more.
Spare HDD SSD bay would be a plus.
RAM 8gb or more.
15" screen or more.
Decent video quality , at least 1080 but not concerned with gaming.
Backlit keyboard.
Decent battery life would be good.

Don't need a massive HDD as storage will be on a Synology NAS. Budget is £500 to £1000 , thanks in advance chaps 👍
I don't game and have mainly used it to stream movies through my home theatre.
- NAS box and fire stick as a cheaper alternative ? I use this for my movies with kodi installed.

Decent video quality , at least 1080 but not concerned with gaming.
is that 1080p resolution or a 1080 nividia graphics card ?
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Thanks for the reply. Already settled on the Synology and Shield combo. As for 1080, I was referring to screen resolution .


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There's a couple of your requirements that will be difficult to meet with the same machine.

There are two types of laptops:
"Ultrabooks" - these will use lower powered 'U' processors from AMD and Intel. The CPU will generally use 15W. It will be thin and light, but have great battery life (8-11 hours typically). As it's a 15W CPU, it will be fast, but not super fast, and have fewer cores and threads - and often if you're asking it to do sustained complex work (e.g. video encoding, gaming) the CPU will start fast and then slow slightly due to heat/cooling/power. As they are thin and light, they typically won't have room for a second storage bay to swap in a hdd/sdd/m2. Largest screens also tend to be 15", but 13/14" more typical.

The other option are gaming laptops and their ilk, which if the looks don't put you off might tick more of your boxes. You'll end up using 'H' CPUs from Intel and AMD which have more cores and faster speeds - but these run hotter and use more power, 35-45w, and so need a thicker, bigger laptop chassis to fit in the cooling. As they are using more power, their battery life isn't as good - so how do you define 'good battery life'? You may also get your option of having a sata SSD/HDD connected as well as a m.2 slot for a fast ssd boot drive, or 2x m.2 slots. As they are aimed at gaming, they'll also typically have a big expensive GPU and blow the budget....

ASUS 'thin and light' 10th gen quad core 'U' Intel Core i7 CPU, integrated graphics, 1x m.2 & 1x 2.5" sata slots, £700: ASUS X509 15" Intel Core i7 Laptop

ASUS gaming laptop - brand new AMD Ryzen 4600H, 6 cores, 12 threads, 2x m/2 slots, 17", £950: ASUS TUF A17 17" AMD Ryzen 5 GTX 1650Ti Gaming Laptop

MSI gaming laptop - quad core Intel CPU, nvidia gtx 1660ti, 2x m.2. slots for storage: £950 MSI GF65 Thin 15.6" 120Hz Full HD i5 GTX 1660Ti Gaming Laptop

ASUS gaming laptop - has a brand new AMD Ryzen 4800H, with 8 cores and 16 threads. 2x m.2 slots for storage. Blows the budget at £1300 but the RTX 2060 is a big step up if you needed to do anything very video intensive : ASUS TUF A15 15" AMD Ryzen 7 RTX 2060 Gaming Laptop

Biggest decision is whether you want one of the 'thin(ner)' or something closer to a gaming machine, with the trade offs you get with each.


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Great post , thanks. Really not bothered with gaming so the Asus X509 ticks the boxes for me . Another one I've been looking at is the Asus X434fac.

Most of the time I'll just be using the laptop for general use save reining Serato DJ.


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HP Notebook - 17-ca1065cl

My notebook

Product number: 8AC92UA#ABA Serial number: 5CG0230392

General specifications

Operating system

Windows 10 Home 64-bit


AMD Ryzen 5 3500U with Radeon Vega Mobile Gfx

System memory

12 GB

Memory slot 1

4GB Micron Technology 3200MHz

Memory slot 2

8GB Kingston 2667MHz

System board

85B3 91.47

System BIOS



Graphic device 1

AMD Radeon(TM) Vega 8 Graphics

Current resolution

1600 x 900

Refresh rate

60 Hz


26.20.14048.2 (4/22/2020)


Device 1

AMD High Definition Audio Device






Device 2

Realtek High Definition Audio






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