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Nov 25, 2011
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Hi all not sure if this is the right section so sorry if its not. Basically we are looking at replacing our laptop as it's 10 years old now. We have a budget of around £250 but will go a little higher if it's worth it. We use our computer mainly for browsing the internet using an 02 dongle thingy, i tunes and word / excel documents. We have a large external hard drive to store all our media on so would need at least 2 usb port's. As we can connect it to the TV a VGA or HDMI cable would be great. I just can't decide on a netbook or laptop. Both seem to have the plus and minus point. Can anyone offer any advice on which direction to go on.
If you are thinking about a netbook - have you used one before?

If not pop in to Dixons or PC World and have a look and feel of one, the keyboard is not to everyone's liking nor is the screensize. I can't really suggest what you will prefer in terms of laptop or netbook - but if you know what you want then we can start making suggestions.

If you are happy with a refurb the Dell Outlet do some good machines for cheap prices.

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