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Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by conington, Jul 17, 2002.

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    Any help appreciated,

    I am seriously enjoying Home Cinema but currently believe my AV Amp is letting me down a little (It's a 2 year old Yamaha RVX ???? RDS), basically I am looking to upgrade the amp.

    My DVD is the Tosh SD510E and TV is a Tosh 56" RP, I also use SKY via my Amp, apart from the DVD and SKY (and a dedicated subwoofer) I am not looking to push anything else through the Amp (music is handled through a dedicated Amp).

    I really do not wish to spend much more than £300, I would require Pro Logic, Pro Logic II,DD, DTS and the usual array of inputs. I would like to see at least 80 Watts per Channel. As a side I do like to have a beefy sound and enjoy good loud responses from my rear speakers.

    Does anyone know of anything out there that would maybe give me good up to date quality sound processing ?
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    Without knowing exactly which model you already have, it's hard to say whether anything in the £300 bracket will improve on it.

    Unless it's the real bottom end of the Yamaha range, then it's unlikely IMO - you will get the newer decoding technologies though, if that's a big issue, certainly DPL2, and perhaps DTS-ES/DD-EX (although to get all that for £300 will probably mean compromises may well have been made elsewhere, such as in the sound quality).

    You'd really have to go and listen to a few to see if you felt it was a worthwhile "upgrade".
    Having a stab in the dark (as I don't know what you currently have), then I'd suggest you may well have to look in the £500 class or beyond - or else you may well end up with just an update, rather than an upgrade.

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