Looking for a MODERN amp to replace the Yamaha AX1


Hi Guys, I am looking for something second hand, hoping to find a good deal. Think I can sell my 2 other amps (yamaha ax1) for 300 - 400 each. So probably a few hundred EUR like, 400 - 600 to spend on another 2nd hand amp.


  • At least Dolby 5.2 (more speakers like atmos on the ceiling would be great).
  • hdmi ports
  • Decently sounding like the AX1 (hope to listen good quality music over it, and ofc. for watching TV and movies).
  • Any chance on connecting my rear speakers (B&W DM110i wirelessly, like with a bluetooth transmitter? Have to buy it seperate from aliexpress for example?) The front and center speaker (all B&W...... Dm330i ) will still use a wire.
  • if possible analog in , like RCA.

For my vinyl I will keep using the Pioneer SA508.
I have a sound studio as I am a musician, so if another stereo amp is better for listening music, I will tend to use a 3rd stereo amp for listening to music.

I have found this one , is it a good piece of equipment? Pioneer VSX-LX303 review

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