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Hi all, I currently use the old styled xbox with XBMC and its great, but we started with these before we had HDTV's and now I want to start upgrading.

All my media is on a NAS so I dont need internal HD, what I do want is the ability to stream music, pics and video from the nas to the TV in HD], if at all possible I would LOVE to be able to access BBC Iplayer and Youtube from the box.. and seeing as the wife and daughter still watch th odd DVD (i really cant be arsed to use the HD space or waste my time ripping all the disney dvd's) if a decent box also had an upscaling dvd player then it would get more votes

We use itunes for our music and so the ability to play itunes playlist would be a massive bonus.

So, what box is best for
Playing DVD's (the least important option)
accessing BBC Iplayer and Youtube
Playing Itunes playlists
and general video streaming

Any thoughts?

I know I can read all the threads on the various players but I guess the regulars to this section will be able to answer the above so much more easily :)


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what do you use instead of XBMC and why do you miss it so much. I dont really want to build HCPC, simply because we currently have 5 xbox's round athe house that are only used for XBMC, and I really cant be bothered (or afford) to build 5 pc's. I want something nice and simple that the wife and kids can just turn on and play (like they can with XBMC)

iPlayer isnt really a biggy, I woudl like it because the ps3 does it, but again, I dotn want to buy 5 PS3 to scater round the house.


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