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Looking for a little advice

TT Coupe

Established Member
Hi I would like some suggestions if you dont mind?

Current setup:

Onkyo 606.
Mordaunt short alumni centre, rears and sub.
Old Wharfedale valdus 400 front floorstanders.

I want to replace the wharfedales with a bookshelf type speaker but wanted something that would give a bit more than another set of alumni 2's. I was thinking about a set of MS 903i avant bipoles as I dont have space for the floorstanders anymore.

I knid of wanted to stick with mordaunt short. Any suggestions or opinions on the 903i?


Distinguished Member
Well, the absolute and most important question is -

How much do you want to spend?

If you can handle somewhat large speakers and afford £250/pr, then consider -

Acoustic Energy Aelite 2

Very impressive low frequency response, though definitely not 'pixie' speakers.

Other than that, it is just a matter of 'all the usual suspects' -

Wharfedale Diamond -

Acoustic Energy Aelite 1 and Aegis 1-

Tannoy Mercury or Sensys -

Monitor Audio BR2 or RS1 -

Consider some very slim towers like the Monitor Audio Radius 270.

You might even consider Q Acoustic 1030 towers. 1050 would be better, but they are pretty big.

If it were me, I would concentrate on bookshelf speakers that have larger woofers, since you are trying to replace a pretty substantial multi-driver tower speaker; say 5" or larger.

I'm also confused about the M-S 903i. That is a surround speaker, not a front speaker. Are you planning to move your existing bookshelf speakers to the front and replace the rear speakers? Because that is a completely different set of parameters than that of replacing your front speakers?

One last question, how did you like the Valdus 400's?


HF: 28mm dome, LF: 2 x 200mm (8") mid & bass

I think these were intended as DJ speakers. We've had few reports from actual users. We would be most interested in your impressions.


TT Coupe

Established Member
I realise now that the 903i bipolars are designed as rear surrounds, so that is out the question and Im back to the drawingboard.

I was tring to stay with MS but I realise this is limiting things somewhat.

Another criteria was to try and keep the new speakers either white or black as everything in my lounge is either of these 2 colours which again limits things but if the right speakers came about then I would just have them painted.

Im no sound fanatic so Im not looking at the latest and greatest, just something that will pack a decent punch - I find the alumnis are great for centre and rear but when I tried a set on the front channels too I was left thinking I need something better.

The valdus 400's have been great, like I said before im not fanatical about sound but these have always left me feeling quite impressed when I have cranked them up. If they werent so flipping bulky I wouldnt be considering a change.

Budget is fairly open, I dont want to spend silly money but if the right speakers are found then Im prepared to spend up to say £300?

Thanks for the replies :)


Established Member
Those AELite 2's BlueWizard are available in Black. £250 seems a good price.

Or Focal 705's

Refurbished Quad 12L2 in black other colours at refurbished prices available.


Distinguished Member
Are Towers completely out of the question, or is it simply the Valdus towers that are too bulky.

Mordaunt makes some nice single and twin woofer towers, that are pretty reasonable size.

M-S 914i @ $250/pr

M-S 916i @ £350/pr

Also the older M-S 906 @ £259/pr
This is probably an exceptionally good value for the money.
Dimensions: (hxwxd) (mm)850x165x295 - 5kg

You could maybe push your way up into the critically acclaimed Mordaunt Mezzo series -

Mezzo 1 @ £299 -

Mezzo 2 @ £399 -

The Q ACOUSTICS 1050 isn't exactly small but it is an exceptional bargain.

Q ACOUSTICS 1050 @ £199 -

In terms of a generally well regarded speaker, that also has metal cone woofers similar to the Mordaunt, is the Monitor Audio BR2, a very good speaker.

Monitor Audio BR2 @ £199/pr available in Black Oak, Cherry, and Walnut -

I think any of these options would be compatable with your existing speakers. And there are many more if you don't insist on metal cone woofers to match your existing Mordaunts.



Established Member
The AElite look really good, Im going to see if I can get a listen :)

Any reviews on them available?

Here's a group test that includes the AElite. Test at full RRP. Holds its own I think but check the review out.
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TT Coupe

Established Member
wow thanks steve!

That'll keep me busy for a while, will have a look into the options.

I am liking those AElite's though, size wise they are perfect, lets hope they sound good.

As you can see from the photo I want to get the sub on the floor but with the floorstanders theres just no space and the one on the right is obscured a bit by the sofa. The intention is to get a good set of bookcase speakers to go on the white TV unit.

I think im that happy with the valdus' that if they didnt look so out of place Id keep them as they are fine for my rerquirements.


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