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Apr 4, 2007
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hull/ east yorkshire
I have a panasonic sa-ht520 5.1 system at the moment but i want to input my computer through a audio optical in so i have 5.1 in games and movies it does not have one. So i have been looking of ways to do this i was going to buy a av recever but would have to buy a new sub as well then i found this.
It is a bit of an old system but is it worth £349 new boxed with warranty if not what can i buy to do what i want? thanks sam
Come on guys some one must no if this system is worth £349 still my av shop has only 2 left in stock :lease:
I know this is a bit of a cop-out, but have you thought of the ddw890 ? I know I seem to recommend this or the 880 a lot, but it's great imho.

Not sure how it compares to the Denon
Thanks do you no where is the best place to look at one
Keep your eyes posted on the 890 and 880 threads in this section; there's a lot of expectant people :D
The Denon 500 SD is what I was first intrested in. As You say it is old now and has been disconntinued. I went for the Sony as it is a 6.1 system & cheaper that the denon (which i could only find on Ebay). I feel I made the right choice & would recmooned this system to anyone!
what is the best system the Sony HT-DDW880/890 or the Denon 500 SD i have found the denon system for £314 and the sony £250 so what do you think
If you end up going for a Sony setup from pixmania there is a code going about for £5 off £200 and you can use quidco to get a further 3% off. Taking the savings up to £11 or more.

Personally I think the Sony is the direction to go because dvd drives tend to wear out or can end up being problematic so seperating the dvd player from the amp and speakers systems will increase the usable lifespan. Also I remember some of the denon dvd players of the past had absolutely crap dvd drives.

With the sony system for example you are all ready for a high definition player and it will be a neat solution with one dvd player and one amp and speakers system but with an all in one you'll have two dvd drives to use.

It just seems to me that an amp and speakers package is far more flexible and future proof.

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