Looking for a good TV for Nintendo Switch and PS5 with low stutter


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Im looking for a really good TV with all the PS5 features such as HDMI 2.1 allowing for 120 fps at 4k, good HDR, Freesync etc. And I would buy the LG Oled C1 however I can't stand the stutter it produces for movies and video games at anything below 60 FPS. It even has some stutter at 60 FPS. Now I know that its not the TV's fault its the content's fault. However, Im still going to want to enjoy 24 fps and 30 FPS content for some time. I have even considered purchasing the QLED Q800T 8K tv because it has all the features I want but also its has a pretty good stutter score. No stutter at 60 fps and only a small amount of stutter at 30 FPS. Are there any TV's I'm simply not thinking of that would suit my needs better?



Samsung TVs would be suited, you can even use motion interpolation in game mode, which is something you can't do with other brands. Not sure the price you have for the Q800T but its usually not a good TV to go for compared to their 4k models. Although it arguably may be a better value buy at the moment if there's no stock of the Q90T and you're instead stuck with 2021 models (that are currently overpriced).

If you can wait for 2021 prices to be more reasonable, check on the QN90A, which will be a much better overall TV than the Q800T.

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