Looking for a good optical passthrough Dolby processor

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    I apologize in advance if this has been answered, but I did some searching and did not find a good solution. I just finished my living room home theater setup, and now I am moving on to upgrading my bedroom system on a very small budget. Currently I am running a pioneer 2.1 channel sound bar with optical in coming from my PC, and RCA in coming from my TV. I know that sound bars suck, but my bedroom is only a little bigger than my bed, so I simply don’t have the room for a true setup (and I used all my funds on the living room setup). The sound isn’t bad, but I would like to add rear speakers. Essentially what I’m looking for is a small signal processor that can pass through an optical AND RCA audio signal to the sound bar, while providing me rear outputs for a set of rear speakers. My budget is unfortunately only $150-$200. I know that the best bet would be a traditional receiver, but I simply don’t have the space or the funds for that. I found the EXACT product I’m looking for, but unfortunately it is Bestbuy brand (insignia) and will probably be absolute garbage. I already have klipsch rear speakers, I just need the signal processor, the smaller the footprint, the better. Does anyone know of a signal processor that is identical to the insignia one, but that is actually good quality? If not, I’ll probably just try the insignia one and then return it when I am inevitably disappointed. Here’s a link to the product I’m talking about. Thanks guys!


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