Looking for a good 40" LCD/Plasma that I will mostly play xbox360, ps3 on.

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by Proto Omega, Mar 17, 2006.

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    I am now hunting for a LCD/Plasma TV that is 40".

    I will mostly use it for gaming with the Xbox360 and PS3 (when it comes out). I also will use it for dvd movies (and eventually blue ray). Basically 85% of the use for it will be gaming and the other 15% will be for movies.. I have no plans to use it to watch shows, programmes.

    Anyway I am a little confused as to all the different brands and ranges. I am concerned about a number of things.

    I am not really looking to spend more than £1600 on a 40". Also I will consider a 37" one too.

    I will be using the PS2, GC with it as well, for another year before moving to PS3 and Revolution so I don't want any issues with the tv at 60hz as all the games I play on PS2 are NTSC and therefore 60hz. Same with DVD movies with my JVC player - they are mostly all NTSC.

    I am thinking of getting the Samsung LE40R51BX but the Comet website states it doesnt have NTSC playback? Also I heard there are tearing issues and problems at 60hz with this model? But the price is very reasonable compared to the other LCD sets.

    Can anyone suggest me s set please. Thanks.

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