Looking For a Glass Cabinet For My AV Equip.

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    Hi guys, I looking around to buy a Glass Cabinet for my AV equipment so that it is out of harms way as well as 'little hands'. Therefore i want a cabinet that allows you lock it as well. Like a door and lock feature. I am not too bothered whether or not it is fully made in glass or if its cobination of materials. the more suggestions i get, the better. :thumbsup:

    The closest thing i have found is one made by quadraspire which can be seen below, by following the link found below.


    Altho' this is the only one i have found, i have not been able to found close to that one, which is making this process more and more tedious. :( because the one made by quadraspire is v.nice but might expensive at the same time. So hopefully thats where you ppl come in :lease:

    Also i am looking to spend somewhere between £100-400, all suggestions are welcome ...

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