Looking for a first time buyer budget sound bar


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Hi all. I am looking to get a sound bar for Christmas. Nothing major. Something with a good sound and under £100. Can anyone recommend anything please? Mainly for tv general use and PS4. Subwoofer etc not essential but will consider.


The budget may be a challenge noting how few suggestions there were with at least double that before

A search says there is a fair bit of choice of cheap soundbars on Amazon UK although most are from the Far East and companies not so well known. I expect sound will be pretty average.

Argos has quite a few with and without subs at your budget too and those are the better known brands.

Personally I would get a known brand from Argos or similar - 2.0 or 2.1 at that budget so the sound will be much of a muchness IMO.

Check connectivity of each to make sure you get what you need at this budget. Some have only optical, some only the one HDMI. If you want BT to play music from a phone etc make sure that is there too :)


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Yamaha YAS series...
Brilliant soundbar and quite cheap now.

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