Looking for a feature packed DAB radio recommendation.....


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I'm considering moving into the world of DAB radio for our bedroom, but I'm having some trouble coming up with a product that ticks my many boxes. Here is what I would require:

  • True Dual alarm function (my wife gets up about an hour earlier than I do)
  • Ability to connect to my PC via Wi-Fi to stream both internet radio and saved music.
  • Clear front panel display (easily seen from my pillow!)
  • Stereo output (via an extension speaker would be OK)
  • iPhone 3G docking (preferable, but not essential)
I was hoping that the Roberts Stream 202 was going to do the job, but the location of the display panel (on top) ruled it out. Once I started looking for other alternatives, I began to realise how difficult it was to get something with my full range of preferences.

Price isn't too much of an issue, but it would be nice to keep it in the £150 ballpark (plus or minus a bit). I might consider more if the product merited it.

Any suggestions?

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Whoa!! Now that is one beautiful piece of tech!

Unfortunately, it looks as if it only features a single alarm system. Grrrrr...:mad:

You know what, I can't possibly answer that?

Another site for it here: http://www.touchmyradio.com/

It is under the company's 'bedroom' radio line up and if so then it would have multiple alarms as every bedside radio they do does, I have the Siesta and it has 3 alarms but would love this one.
It's out at the end of the month so all will be revealed then. The only thing I can find on the alarms is that it has the feature but they don't work when you run the radio of the battery (You can install Pure's chargepack and use it cordless)
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The Evoke Flow looks great, but it doesn't seem to meet one of my main criteria which is a dual alarm. :(

Hmmm... With that required feature-set, I suspect a divorce would be a cheaper way of solving the issue when compared to the radio that would meet them all! :devil:

For bedside listening and general radio functionality, I'd sacrifice the internet requirement (there's always your PC for now) and get the Evoke-3. Connect an MP3 player or insert an MP3-laden SD card (2GB limit though), get a lot of independent alarms, have a handy remote and (best of all) be able to record radio unattended. It's well built, attractive and can be had for around £160 less new (if you shop around) or £92 refurbished from Morgan Computers.

In a few years time, you can get an updated model (radio, not wife) that encompasses DAB+ and the still to mature internet streaming standards going forward...

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