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Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by sboss, Aug 26, 2004.

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    I'm looking for :
    - SACD and DVD-A read and decode capability (future ready !)
    - Built-in DTS decoder with 5.1 analog output (my Denon AVR3200 only has DD decoder but has one 5.1 input)
    - DVI or preferably HDMI output
    - Full prgressive scan PAL and NTSC capability with motion detection (ie DCDi by Faroudja or Silicon Image processor)
    - Internal digital scaler capable of 1280x720p output via HDMI ou DVI
    I plan to replace my 16/9 ratio Sony TV with a Sagem Axium HDTV (DLP HD2+ 1280x720p) or equivalent within a couple of year.
    I have found Pioneer DV-868i matches these criteria, but it is quite expensive (>1000 Euros). Do you think Samsund DVD-HD945 (to be released in September) could score as good as the Pioneer for 300 Euros ?
    Any other alternative would be nice.
  2. MarkE19


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    Rainham Essex
    You don't want much do you :devil:

    TBH with the specs you list you are IMHO unlikely to get anything for much less than the cost of the Pioneer 868i. For a third of the price the other DVD you list will not be as good as the Pioneer and I would very much doubt for that price it would have a scaler and if it does it will be poor as scaling takes a lot of processing power.
    Without the scaling I think you do open your options.

    DVD-A & SACD - most of the ranges from Pioneer & Denon. I'm not aware of others that do both other than the Lexicon DVD, but that's silly money.

    5.1 analogue outs - well if it decodes DVD-A and/or SACD then it will have these outputs anyway.

    DTS decoder - many DVD players have both DD & DTS decoding onboard

    DVI/HDMI - Most of the new models from Denon that are being released over then next few months. In the not too distant future I would think this would become fairly standard on DVD's.

    PAL & NTSC progressive - available on many DVD's now, but on cheap players will be of a poor quality anyway. IMHO fair interlaced is better than poor progressive.

    I'm not expert on the range of DVD players available, but its fairly obvious that a £1000 DVD must be better at the job than a £300 DVD that can do everything the more expensive one can. At the end of the day you only get what you pay for - pay a lot less money and you will get lower quality.

    For the features you require the Pioneer 868i sounds to me to be ideal, and highly recommended by many on this forum.

  3. sboss


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    Thank you for you answer.
    I agree the Pioneer DV-868 is at the top for now, but since it is already one year old, I suspect some other manufacturer will soon introduce new hardware that is simpler to integrate, cheaper to manufacture, and probably offer better performance.
    If some chip maker can design and produce a single processor chipset for decoding, deinterlacing and rescaling fully in the digital domain, we can hope a serious drop in street price for such DVD players. I think it will happen very soon because what costs so much in DCDi or Silicon Image Processors is the analog input interface.
    A DVD disc content is fully digital (MPEG2 720x576), mostly progressive encoding (film), and there is no reason why dedicated harware could not do what my (old) PC is doing in software.
    Samsung DVD-HD945 specs mention clearly digital upscaling :
    * HDMI Digital Connectivity
    * Pal Progressive Scan
    * Faroudja DCDI Upscaling
    * DVD-Audio/SACD Playable
    But I'm not sure how it does that.
    Specs don't mention DTS decoding either.
    If any of you knows this player better, please post more information.

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