Looking for a DS for my girlfriend what games do you suggest?

tony kop77

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My girlfriend has been playing Zoo Keeping, Brain Training and vrain Accademy for the last 3 months and I want to buy her a pink DS. I will buy her tetris but what other games do you suggest I go for and are there any decent bundles at the moment for the pink ds?
Dp you need 2 copies of brain academy for 2 player games or just one copy and 2 consoles?


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Animal Crossing seems to go down well with people of all ages and sexes.

Sims 2 also is quite good.

I think you do need 2 games to play but no 100% as I dont have it. I know you do for Animal Crossing


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You could try 42 All Time Classics, which is relatively cheap.

My girlfriend eyed up the box and sneered, saying she wouldn't like it. Then, she preceeded to go through most of the games saying: "Oh, but I like that one."

An hour later, she looked up from the screen (and only then because the battery was running low) and announced she was far better at it than me. This was quite upsetting, mainly because it was true. :(

Another one she likes is Elite Beat Agents, which is also quite cheap, although you'll have to import for the time being, and Meteos is supposed to be good, if she's into puzzlers.

Do you need 2 copies of brain academy for 2 player games or just one copy and 2 consoles?
Here's what I found:

Pocket Gamer said:
True to Nintendo's inclusive philosophy, you only need one game cartridge for this as you can share the game using your DS' inbuilt wi-fi connection.
The full review is here: http://www.pocketgamer.co.uk/r/DS/Big+Brain+Academy/review.asp?c=1257


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I also would suggest Animal crossing, as i am female, got it 4 my birthday last year in april and have played it everyday since.
Got Sims 2 Pets and its driven round the bend really havent gotten into it.
Played Nintendogs for about 15mins on the bf's nieces DS and that to drove me round the bend.
would agree also that 42 all time classics is a good one, coz there really is a game for anyone and everyone on there doesnt matter if you crap at card games coz theres board games and visa versa.
oh and Mario Kart, its good for a laugh
Hope that all helps


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42 All time classics is my next purchase I think or Brain Training.

Whats your AC:WW WiFi details mojojojo84 thats if you dont mind! I wont take offence :)


There are very few games that require 2 carts to play multiplayer (most of them are EA games, what a shock !)

Some games like mariokart only have limited options if you only have the one cart, you can only race a certain number of the tracks and the other person can only be one of the characters (if i remember rightly)

tony kop77

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Thanks guys, I bought my girlfriend a pink DS with Zoo Kepper and Sudouko or whatever it is :D . My girlfriend enjoys zoo keeper 2 player mode and mario where first one to collect the stars wins.
Animal Crossing is her fave single player along with Brain Academy, dont know what else to get her maybe tetris.


Zelda is extremely good, & so is Pokemon. I'll post some more later, when I can remember them :)


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Im a girl and I love Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and Another Code was so addictive! I just got Spyro for Christmas which is also a good one, hope this helps!

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