Looking for a Denon DVD2900


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Having looked at the likes of Sony DVP-NS930, HK DVD30, Philips DVD-963SA and similar players, I've now decided to take the plunge (?) up-market and go for a nice black Denon DVD2900 instead.

Best price I've seen is £649.95 online.

Anybody know of a cheaper offer ?

Any dealers here want to PM me an offer on this ???

Can anybody recommend a good set of component cables for connecting to a Panny 36" TV ?




there have been a few issues with the 2900, (maybe its just the multi region upgrade), id stay clear, i dont trust d***n dvd players and from the threads on here, the company dont seem to take any notice of us. they do very good amps though, just wished they put more thought into dvd players

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I've owned my Denon 2900 for about 5 months now, it's multi-region and I've never had a single problem with, my fave piece of equipment in my setup :smashin:
Never had a prob with my 2900 multiregion either using .43f firmware,the probs maybe related to the firmware thats floating about the net.

Mine will be for sale once my STRATA case turns up and I get my HTPC sorted.So keep your eyes open in a week or two :p



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Just sold my Denon 2900 this morning, but thought it was great. (868 on HDMI is good as well). I tried 100s of different DVDs on it and never had any problems.


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My multiregion 2900 plays anything I throw at it and never misses a beat, no freezes, skips, or issues of any kind. Don't be put off!


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I'm not put off, but am still waiting for a reply to any of my three questions :)

Following many good reports on this site I decided to give Mark Grant's component cables a try.

I've had a good ferret around but can't beat the price I quoted, so the order will be going in tomorrow.




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1. No
2. Not a dealer
3. Mark Grant good, also Bettercables.

On a performance per pound basis the 2900 has to be just about the best. At £650 its a steal.


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Pitbull give Forum HIFI a ring on 01159622150.
I'm in no way linked to this company but in the days when I bought Denon stuff they were beaten on price by nobody, their a bluechip Denon dealer (2yrs warrenty) and very nearly always have stock.

Ask for Ahmed and tell him you've been quoted £650 ....he'll beat it.

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