Looking for a decent player which handles NTSC motion judder


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Feb 4, 2005
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Can you guys help me out a bit. At the moment I have Samsung 850 connected to a Philips 32PF9986 LCD via HDMI to the DVI on the LCD. When watching R1 disc I am getting panning judder. This is my first multi-region player so only have a couple R1 discs but they all do this. Can you recommend a solution or a new player to help or rectify the problem if it is possible. I don't really want to break the bank either but all suggestions will be a help.
Thank you very much. :lease: :)
Hello nnicol,

I too have a sammy HD850 and you have to change from PAL to NTSC when playing Region 1 discs.

You can do this in the setup menu, display options.

This will stop the judder .

Also remember you have to change back from NTSC to PAL when playing your next Region 2 disc.

Most brands do this automatically but all samsung players need to be changed manually. Its a bit of a pain but I've been so happy with the picture from my HD850 I've decided I can live with this minor niggle !

Give it a try and let us know how you get on.
Thanks. I already did this but no difference. Messing with the setting I tried a scart connection and it was ok. Maybe a cheap HDMI lead? When I set the player to NTSC the input on the TV changes to VGA. Maybe this is the problem.
Are you sure your TV is NTSC compatible ? This may be your problem.
What you may be seeing is the inherent judder that NTSC discs exhibit due to 3:2 pull-down.
Film is shot at 24fps. When PAL discs are made, they just speed it up slightly to match the 25fps of PAL video. When making NTSC discs, a process called 3:2 pull down is used where each frame of film is alternately put into 3 fields, then 2 fields etc to obtain the 30fps of NTSC.
This always creates a certain amount of judder.
It's possible that the deinterlacer could have an effect and make it worse. It would be a useful experiment to try an analogue interlaced connection and see what that is like. That way, the deinterlacer in the TV would be employed instead of the one in the DVD player.
I tried it through a scart RGB socket and it was fine. This is annoying as I wanted to use the DVI socket for digital to digital connection between DVD and TV and progressive scan. What would you recommend to do. I don't want to spend anymore than £300 maybe £400 at a push. Thanks.
Sounds like the deinterlacer in your TV might be better than the one in the DVD player.
I would stick with SCART if that works better. You could experiment with different DVD players, but at that price they will generally have fairly basic deinterlacers.
Thanks. I am now looking at the Marantz dv7600.

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