Looking for a compact 2019/2020 Android smartphone with long battery life


I read through similar threads, and most recommendations seem to be a bit outdated, so I thought I'd ask again. I am looking for a compact smartphone (5.5" or less) with a long battery life. Year 2019 or 2020. It can be thick to accommodate larger battery. But it can have a smaller battery as long as it is properly optimized, has no bloatware, no nonsense.
No other requirements. It would be nice if it had one good camera (30 MP or more), but I can do without it. I won't be playing games on it, so, just enough CPU and RAM to run browser and common day apps. Price is not an issue.
I come from Xiomi Redmi Note 4 - not too happy with it. Battery is big, but so is the phone, and the bloatware just kills battery life. Rooting is damn near impossible. Before that, I had Lenovo A5000 - that thing was amazing, used to last 4-5 days on a single charge with moderate usage. Unfortunately, CPU became too slow even for mundane tasks, so I had to upgrade.
I was looking at Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact, but it's a bit older, and reports on it's battery life are conflicting. Any other options?


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bloatware can be removed

i have a note 5. fantastic phone.

redmi go is small and good value if you're looking for a basic phone.


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iphone se is only slightly smaller than the redmi go which has a larger screen and no thick bezels. iphone is also not cheap.

samsung galaxy y is small

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It might suprise you, but Lenovo phones come with very good and long lasting batteries. I mean, I even compared it to phones with batteries with the same amount of MAH and the Lenovo always lasted a lot longer. when used the internet was used, gps and other options at the same time. I heard Phillips phones have very nice batteries, but haven't checked any yet.


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Just under 4 inches long.

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