looking for a cheap bluray DVD player with rca audio output. any recommendations?

Allen Lamb

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I don't need any streaming nor networking. I have a sizeable DVD collection and wedding DVDs. I want to keep watching these.


Welcome to the Forum. I don't think you'll find many of the entry level current crop of players that have the RCA requirements you need. You would have to look at the used market and for that I suggest the Pioneer LX58 player as I know that has analogue out.

Do you not have a blu ray player at the moment. All you need is one with a HDMI connection as all blu ray players are backward compatible for DVD.
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You can get an HDMI audio splitter box. These have stereo phono out.

Allen Lamb

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I have a TV whose internal speaker is cracked and I have a BluRay player that is on its way out.
I have a Bose Lifestyle system for output that currently works well. The TV that plays well I am hanging onto until the picture starts going out. I thought I would get a bluray player cheap

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