Looking for a certain song by music video by description.


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in the music video the guy builds a rail car powered by a motorcycle and takes a girl for a ride on the tracks until it derails. I heard the song ages ago and for the life of me cannot recall any of the lyrics. I've been trying to find it and have had no luck so I'm hoping you guys can help me out!



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Need help with a song as well...
Starts off with a young woman singing by herself... She's in a house and during the course of the song different people show up playing different instruments and what not...
She's wearing right clothing and her hair is tied up in several knots (or something that looks like knots.)


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Can someone help me too . There was a song constantly being played on Clubland during 2000s. The woman singing had red curly hair and it would skip to different couple at different places . One being outside a club and another sitting on a car and two more couples at different places ... She was singing about love but I can't remember the name of the song or how the lyrics go 😭😭


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Hey guys can someone help me, I've been trying to find this music video for a while.

All i remember is paint/dyed shots and drinks of alcohol, at a house party. And then like coloured puke and stuff at the end, people like leaking the colours they were drinking? It was weird. there was some kind of rave going in the downstairs bit and I remember a bit were a girl gets broken up with then some guy sits beside her and gives her one of the weird coloured drinks that looked like paint. I used to listen/watch it a few years back (post 2012/2011) but i cant remember exactly when, my mates don't believe me that it exists. I thought it was a popular song at the time but no ones heard of it!!!

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