Looking for a AV stand


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I'm looking for a AV stand for my bedroom.

I'm getting a 32" LCD in the coming weeks, either a Samsung LE32R41BD or a Sharp Aquos LC-32GA6E.

Is this AV stand ok?


It looks alot like this one:


It doesn't say the glass is toughened but I don't want to spend like £100 just for a AV stand.

The length is a bit worrying on the above two stands as a 32" LCD comes very close to 80cm (800mm) in length so the stand and LCD would be virtually the same in length which might look stupid or is that how the setup should be?

So, any other recommendations? :confused:

Shopping around for a stand is just as tough as shopping around for a LCD :(


It says that it can handle a normal 28inch TV so it must have some strength to it, could you email them and ask?


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I got this stand last week for my new 32" acer LCD and it's actually rather good. (Well, apart from the cheap wood effect on the base :p )


Here's an image link (big image!) with the stand built and the gear on there before cabling up. The only downside is that you can't hide cables and it is rather large! May not be that good for a bedroom but it's perfect for me.

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