Looking for a 70cm X 120m canvas frame


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Hi all, I am looking for a 70cm X 120cm frame for a canvas I am looking to buy from China. I am struggling to find that size canvas, any ideas where to get one custom made or anywhere that sells it?

I have had a quote for £200 for one so far, but that's absurd! And Amazon has one for £53, but looking for a thin frame one.


You can get bjorksta 118x78 from IKEA for £50. Just bin the picture
Bigger sizes available

I had a canvas framed a 1/4 of that size for about £50. If you want a pro job you're going to have to pay


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Thanks, at 78cm at its 8cm too wide, not sure how it would look empty / if i filled it with something else.

I am now contemplating getting a 70cm x 100cm frame (c£30 online) and chopping 10cm off the top and bottom.... but not my preferred option.

Cheeky bump :) Any other ideas?

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