Looking for a 55 inch 4k tv with no judder issues


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Hello I was wondering if anyone can help.
I'm trying to buy a new 55 inch 4k tv.
I had a look at a couple of tvs in store but I can see they suffer from juddering which I don't think I could put up with since my old sony bravia tv has never had this issue.
I'm not sure how anyone puts up with it to be honest.
Are there any current models which don't have this issue?
Appreciate any guidance on this.


There are a lot of reasons you can get judder, mostly related to the source material and the panel hz of the tv. Most tv's now cope well with it but a few still have problems, particularly with films.

But this assumes we are talking about the same thing. Some people like having motion interpolation turned on all the time which smooths judder but at the expense of soap opera effect.

The best and soap opera free way to get the smoothest motion is getting a tv with frame insertion, that or going for an old plasma.

So I guess the question is will you use interpolation? Do you have it turned on on your current tv? Did the shops have it turned on? We're the shops showing material filmed with judder present or did the two tv's you saw just have difficulty dealing with what refresh rate they were receiving? What refresh rate were the tv's receiving?

Best thing to do is buy from somewhere with a demo room and to bring your own content with you to test yourself. Most HiFi stores have demo rooms like richer sounds. Only then will you have the opportunity to try different sources and have a play with the motion settings.
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Are there any particular models which do have frame insertion?
The tv I saw in store was showing a standard definition channel.
I'm not sure what the refresh rate was to be honest. I jus thought tvs in this day and age wouldn't have these issues.


Most mid range and high range models have it, you have to turn it on in the settings though. Each manufacturer has a different name for it.

TVs shouldn't have a problem displaying standard definition broadcast tv in terms of judder. Every tv can adjust to display 50hz which is a multiple of 25, the usual fps of broadcast content.

Either the TVs you looked at were faulty, you are noticing what is considered normal judder or the feed the store had was juddering.

I would try and get a demo with your own content if you can, you will get a better idea of which tv you prefer. Budget aside the best bang for buck HDR tv's right now at 55" would be the LG OLEDs, both B6 and C6, the Panasonic DX-902 and Samsung KS series, such as the KS7000, KS7500 or KS8000/9000.

If HDR isn't a concern then you can go for other models such as Hisense M7000/Panasonic DX-750/802.

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