Looking for a 4K HDR TV with a CMS


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Hi everyone, I know my request is very specific but I want to make sure I am not missing anything : I heard Vizio can let you calibrate your set with a full color management system (hue, saturation, brightness of primary and secondary colors, gain and offset, 10-11 point white balance, etc.) so is there any other brand that proposes this tool ?
Ideally, I would prefer a 45-50" set with 4K HDR spec.
Thanks in advance for your answers, I'll keep searching !


Vizio aren't sold in Europe so I have no idea how they compare.

If HDR is important to you then the only tv's really to consider at 49-50" would be the Samsung Q7, although it is very overpriced right now and doesn't justify its price tag. Although prices do differ country to country so it may not be the same where you are.

Here in the UK it is difficult to recommend 2017 models as they are so expensive, whilst 2016 models remain better value usually, they have also become harder to find. The general consensus would be that it is better to wait for prices to drop further if you can no longer find a TV such as the Samsung KS series from last year at a good price. In particular because the 2017 Q7 models aren't really that much better than the ones last year, but cost a lot more.

The only other HDR capable TV at 49"-50" is the Sony XE90 doesn't have a CMS.

Unfortunately if you are limited to 50" you can't purchase high end models anymore, the manufacturers reserve 55" and higher for high range. In some cases even a minimum of 65" now.


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That's a shame. I'm in France, so products tend to never reach our market.

I've been doing a couple of research since yesterday and it seems TCL P-series embark some type of CMS. I can go up until 55" if that can help. I'm not looking for top notch billionaire 120" potato, just something with a wide color gamut such as aforementioned models. Is there any other brand/model with a developped set of options for color calibration ?
Thanks for your response, Dodgexander.


Have you seen the website: Comparatif : TV Full HD, UHD/4K : les téléviseurs LCD, LED, Oled, Plasma ?

TCL aren't sold here in the UK for some reason. But they reviewed a couple of TCL TVs, not the P series though.

If I am being honest with you, I would say you perhaps are placing too much importance on having a CMS system, there are many aspects to consider when purchasing a TV and that is a very minor one. If you look at the reviews on this website of the Sony XE90 and XE93 which are very good TVs but lack a CMS you'll see they mention that Sonys usually have very accurate colour as it is, so usually as calibrators, they still find they can get very good results. They have calibration of greyscale, just not colour.

55" and you open up to OLEDs like the B6 and C6 from last year if you still find one, they have CMS and will be good with HDR, although not as bright as the Sony's for HDR. This years C7 and B7 OLEDs are still quite expensive, but they should drop in price and should be close to prices we saw on the B6 and C6 not so long ago, circa £1500. They all have good CMS with exceptional (best in class) colour reproduction.

There is also last years XD93 Sony with no CMS if you can find a good price on that at 55".

At 58" you might be able to find the Panasonic DX902 which is a very exceptional TV for colour reproduction and HDR also. It has a nice CMS system.

Panasonic and Sony's other TVs at 55 or lower don't have HDR support worth really considering.

At lower price points Samsung had their KS range of TVs that also had a CMS but they are 2016 models and hard to find. See if you can still find any of them for a good price. KS7000/7500/8000/9000 here in Europe. These (especially KS7000) was the best bang for buck HDR tv's of 2016. They are mid range but the minimum I usually would recommend to people if they wanted decent HDR.

edit* I forgot to mention Philips models. The 901F OLED is another 2016 model, it actually was released later than others so you might find some knocking around at a good price. Philips have a CMS but its only 2 point, not 10 point like other makes. It still gets very good reviews. Particularly with motion vs other OLEDs.


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Again, thanks for your detailed response; As hypnotizing an OLED screen can be, I'm a little short on budget (should have said that first) and I'm aiming for a good 4K HDR image with a price under 900€ (which is even less in pounds I'm afraid lol). Considering that, I will follow your advice regarding CMSs and just roll with a good compromise between image and motion quality, features, etc.
I heard Hisense TVs might look like a good quality/price balance so this will probably be what better fits to my budget.


€900 will probably not be enough to buy a decent HDR LCD at 55". Prices of older discounted 49" HDR tv's like the Sony XE90 may get close to that next spring but overall at that price you're going to be limited too only better colour with HDR, no high brightness or good local dimming.

At that money you should be able to get a TV that's decent with motion and good with SDR though.

France may have different tendencies with prices here to the UK but usually now isn't a good time to buy a 2017 model as they haven't long been out so they are high in price.

You may still be able to find some 2016 models around though.

Hisense are good bang for buck, with your budget you are close to being able to afford a 65"model such as the M5500, K5510 or even the M7000/ N6800 if it's not too much more.


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So I decided to go with a 49" TCL screen, from the P-series. It has a pretty complete CMS, I'll finally be satisfied with my calibration results. It is a UHD HDR10 tv with local dimming and I got it for less than 700€ so I'm really glad !
I have one more question : 1200 is the number related to motion rate but there's no way to know how it is calculated. Is it a frequency or an addition of different factors ? I searched for informations but I couldn't find any.


Congratulations, TCL aren't sold here in the UK so I have no idea what to expect from that TV, hopefully you are happy.

Each manufacturer comes up with their own way to calculate it. Usually its a multiple of the panel refresh rate. If its the same P series as sold in north america then its 60hz. So the 1200 is likely 60hz x 20. Which is probably down to the strength that you can set motion interpolation/frame insertion in the TVs motion settings.

Samsung do a similar thing with PQI, Sony with Motionflow...they are all as bad as eachother.

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