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Looking for a 47" + LCD LG TV

Hey guys, i'm looking to get a bigger TV, preferably 47" or more, LG brand...

I've looked at the 47LF7700 but see there are some glitches with it, auto dimming etc, but it's a really cheap TV for 600 quid... SHOULD i avoid this TV?

I currently have an LG 32LT75, it's not full HD, and has a contrast ratio of 8000:1, the above is 80.000:1, is that a lot of difference? does 100Hz show alot of difference? would that TV be a huge leap to what i have now?

I'm pretty much looking to spend about 700 quid....

I was looking into Plasma, but i've had LCD for 2 years, and never experienced Plasma, and heard some stories about screen rentention etc, and i plug my laptop in via HDMI and use that alot, so taskbar start bar etc would burn in right?

Looking for Full HD, 100Hz possibly freesat that would be a bonus but not a priority.

Thanks. :thumbsup:
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