Looking for a 3d HTPC (Zotac, Acer Revo)


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I have a Samsung Smart TV. Will be getting and setting up an HP Microserver with WHS 2011 so the htpc doesn't need a particularly large HDD as it will be streaming from the server over cat5e.

Form factor is a significant issue and I have a max budget of £400.

I've built my own pcs before so doing a self-build isn't a worry, however small and inexpensive cases that are also stylish don't seem to be an option, hence looking at some of the pre-built systems.

So far I've narrowed it down to 2 options

Acer Revo RL100 for £300
Zotac Zbox 3d Blue Ray (price seems a little harder to pin down but i'm suspecting it will be above the budget).

Any other suggestions or critiques of the above would be great.


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So what do you want the HTPC to do: just deliver pre-recorded media to the tv?


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Web Browsing, streaming video (flash/divx) from online, delivering stored media to the pc and having a 3d blu-ray player so I don't need to get a separate one in the future. No gaming needed on it.
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