Looking for a 26" bedroom tv.


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Since the buttons on my old 22" Sammy have stopped working, (bizarrely the power button now opens the menu) I have decided to upgrade to a better TV.

Don't really want to spend more than £300, ideally 3 or more hdmi ports but not essential if it compromises more important factors.

Will be connected to freeview HD PVR by hdmi, so doesn't need a hd tuner. Will also be used with my PS3 and PC as a second monitor for development work.

Can someone please suggest a good TV in this price range? Thanks.


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The Toshiba 26EL833B is worth looking into. Although it only has 2 HDMI ports, it makes up for it with its other features and picture quality, while only costing 300 on Amazon. Not a bad deal if you can't find any others.

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