Looking for a 26"/32" LCD TV but need help!



We are thinking of buying a cheap 26" LCD TV as our current TV is on the blink. We are looking to spend no more than £500 as we are about to move! We have been looking at the Samsung LE26R87BD/LE26R88BD but have also been recommended the Samsung LE26S86BD, LG 26LC55 and also the Philips 32PFL5322 and have ended up getting confused :rolleyes:.

What recommendations do you have? Or would it be better to get a 32", the current TV is 27" CRT it doesn't seem small but it could be bigger...

Thanks for your help!


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I bought the 26" version of this from ebuyer (mines does not have the inbuilt DVD) for Xbox360/PC/kids watching TV and I am very impressed with it for around £250.

Don't discount the non-branded TVs, they are value for money. :)

Look here for more info on the 26" http://www.avforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=730152


Thanks for your reply ill have a look at that. We have just been to Currys and Comets are realised the 26" would just be to small while we were there we noticed the Samsung LE32A456/7 and also the LG 32LG5010 anyone had any experienced with these?


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i highly reccomend http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/5293283/Trail/searchtext>ACOUSTIC+SOLUTIONS.htm i use it to play xbox on but have hooked it up to sky once and doesnt half bad if your local argos doesnt have it i think argos have a similar on their website just type in acoustic solutions for 350 quid its a bargain it has all the inputs you could want except HDMI may not be as good as a sammy or sony but would easily compete with LG
EDIT: no it does have HDMI

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