Looking for 75-85" TV...overwhelmed!


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So, newbie here. I've read through the excellent best buy guide (@Dodgexander) and various other threads/reviews etc. Would appreciate advice!

I have just move house and am looking for a 75-85" TV for the lounge. I think I need a fairly wide viewing angle and have floor to ceiling windows facing where the TV will be located. I plan to get a PS5 at some point (but not yet) so probably will want HDMI 2.1. Mostly sources will be HD/UHD streaming, though some built in Freeview/Freesat too.

My current TV is a Samsung UE50MU6120 and I've been pretty happy with it, which probably tells you I'm by no means a picture expert. I want something that is a bit future proof but will also have a bit of a wow factor. Budget ideally no more than £2k but could go slightly over. Concerned I'm not going to notice some of the things dicussed here!

I also want to buy from Costco ideally, so I can utilise (though not abuse) their 90 days returns if needed. To that end I am thinking of plumping for LG 86UN85006LA at £1600. But also be contemplating the Sony KD85XH8096BU (£1700) or Sony KD75XH9005BU (£1470). Felt like the HDMI 2.1 and wide angle or LG made it the best and some favourable comments on the best buy + other links. Though this review at rtings (LG UN8500 Review (65UN8500PUI, 75UN8570PUC, 82UN8570PUC, 86UN8570PUC)) has somewhat put me off...which has now made me notice lots of comments about dark scenes etc

Advice please! Thank you!


Check out:

It may be impossible to get what you want whilst sticking to budget unless you go for a smaller TV. Something like the Samsung Q90T would tick all boxes.

The other TVs you mention just aren't going to cut it with HDR, the Sony XH9005 being the best of the poor bunch. May be okay in some titles, but too dark in others. If you game in SDR though, no problem. Just beware (its mentioned in the guide) but there's a known problem with 120hz mode and blur...plus there's no VRR firmware yet. Also mentioned is the current problem that is looking to be unsolvable on all current VRR TVs, with shifting gamma causing flickering.

The PS5 itself has no VRR support yet, so if I were you I'd either delay your purchase until more 2021 models come with VRR and come down in price (usually Black Friday or later), or go for a TV now on picture quality merit alone now without HDMI 2.1 like the Sony XH9505.
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Thanks for replying. I’ve read a lot of your posts and guides, though can’t profess to understand everything!

In your best value guide (not for gaming admittedly) both the XH9005/9096 and UN8500 at mid tier. If faced with a choice between them for the following, which would you pick:
  1. Gaming (assume Sony)
  2. 4K Netflix/Prime content
  3. Freeview HD
  4. Freeview SD
  5. Sports
  6. Angle performance (assume LG)
  7. Performance in light rooms (assume Sony)
I can use your expert opinion to help decide!

Not massively keen to wait as the 50" is pitifully small in the space. Q90T and XH9505 also put me over budget...


The Sony is better but you must make sure you only view it head on, and not at an angle.

New TV will shine most with 4k content, things like Freeview aren't gonna look fantastic, will be watchable though. Don't expect it to look better than what you're using now for Freeview. Most people I've known gone for the XH90 have ended up returning it for the XH95 due to HDR being underwhelming.

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