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Hi, Looking to replace the DVD player in the living room,
now before I start, I know I should really be looking at Blu-ray, but currently I'm quite happy viewing the few Blu-ray's I have using my PS3. The majority of my collection is in DVD format, and I've convinced the missus on 5.1 sound, so long as I don't add any more boxes under the telly.

So I've narrowed it down to the following boxes:
  • Philips HTS3531
  • LG HT305SU
  • Samsung HT-D350

They all have:
  • Analogue 5.1 speaker outputs
  • DVD Up-scaling over HDMI
  • Auxiliary RCA Stereo input
  • Rated at 300W RMS
  • Price tag of around £100 or less

The negatives of each are:
  • Philips - No component video output,
    I'd like to have this option for when a new device comes along,
    and it needs the use of the HDMI socket on the TV.
  • LG - No optical input,
    5.1 can only be output from the internal DVD player,
    other sources only get to use stereo over RCA.
  • Samsung - reviews of the system are that the satellite speakers
    are of poor quality and overall the sound is just not good,
    has to be better than TV speakers though, right?

So that's my dilemma. I'm at a loss for which box to get based on them all having their own issues.
Anyone have any experience with these boxes?
in terms of picture quality, they will probably be very similar,
do any offer tweaking of the picture settings?
what about sound? the Samsung has a few bad reviews, but I can't find many reviews at all for the rest of the boxes,
can I really expect good sound from a system of this price
or should I just look for a standard up-scaling DVD player and a set of PC 2.1 speakers?

Any help for a newbie would be very appreciated! :thumbsup:



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