Looking for 46-50 inch TV for movies and gaming


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In the process of doing house up and finally come to doing the living room, so looking at getting a new TV. Currently have a Sony KDL 32V4000 which has served me well. It has been brilliant all rounder, planning to retire it to either the kitchen or bedroom.

So on to the living room, moving the TV out of the corner of the room and to the centre of the longest wall, will be sitting about 2 - 3 metres away from TV, which shall be mounted on the wall. Thinking 46 - 50 inch ish would be a nice size, (think 55 inch might be pushing it a bit!). Room tends to be a little dark (window faces east/south east).

Primary will be used for movies, catch up tv, and Xbox 360. So I'm looking for something with a reasonable response time (believe my 32v4000 is 8ms) for gaming. Would quite like smart features and freeview HD is a must. Did have a little looking round, but pretty much clueless with current TV tech in reguards to who makes the best and who to avoid and whether it has improved much since I got my 32v4000 way back in 2008/9. Wouldn't mind 3D but not a huge fan of active.

Did come across the Panasonic Viera TX-L47ET5B which has quite an attractive price at the moment at John Lewis - £769, but will I see an improvement over my 32v4000 and what is gaming like on it. I see there's also some new Panasonics out, but which actually replaced this model?

Any other TVs I should consider? Willing to spend a bit more if there is something better out there.



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Always been put off plasma because of the screen burn issues, is it even issue these days?

Will have a look into those Sony TV's, thanks.


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Always been put off plasma because of the screen burn issues, is it even issue these days?

Will have a look into those Sony TV's, thanks.

No its not, people often confuse burn with IR, though it can be annoying most IR isn't an issue. I happily game for hours on plasma without any worry and my first plasma that had bad IR actually improved and had no burn.

There are two ways to get burn now.
1. Abusing a set
2. A faulty set

Think in three years of being on here I know of three cases, one or maybe two that Im sure were burn, you're more likely to have another fault with a set now than get burn with normal use.


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Plasmas still experience screen burn issues, and does have an impact on which games can be played on a plasma. Should the games have fixed objects on the screen they will eventually burn in.

I don't know of the prices in UK, but Panasonic Viera TX-L47E6 / TX-L50E6B / TX-L47E60 / TX-L50E6 should be coming out soon if it's not out yet. And by the looks from recent reviews it should be a real treat for the pricerange. The TX-L42E6 is out already at least and the prices I was given this week were at €799 (£680) and these prices here where I live haven't even seen cheap!

If I hadn't gotten a real sweet deal myself, I'd probably be waiting for that to hit the shelves.

Other options I managed to come across after I had posted my own question here for recommendations would be:

Sony KDL-46HX92*
Sony KDL-46HX85*
Sony KDL-46HX75*

Depending on the treats you want to get with.. the last digit in the Sony models can vary, but I was told they would be same models, different production lots. If someone has more knowledge between them please enlighten us.


Philips 46PFL7007T/12
Samsung UE46ES6710 / UE46ES6715 (I think the *10 is the version available in UK)

The Samsung has really low input lag with 33ms, but the other models have low input lag values as well.

Hope this helps, the price range for these products outside UK were between €999 and €1399, with the exclusion of the highest end Sony. I think you can find them even cheaper in £.

Good luck in the hunt!


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50ST50 plasma is now only £700 from Richer Sounds with VIP sign up


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Just read the review of the Panasonic TX-L55ET60B on here and noticed it does come in 47 inch (£1099) and 50 inch (£1299) as well as getting better ratings than the TX-L47ET5B (£769) I've been looking at, but £300-£600 price difference to get a small increase in performance may not be worth it. Not much info on how it is with games either. Will pop out this the weekend and have a look at the both in the flesh.

Thanks for the other models will go have a look into those too!

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