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Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by scorpio26, Jun 15, 2004.

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    Dunno if I'm on the right board here i.e. display or TV??

    Anyway, I'm fairly new to this and am looking for a 42" plasma to replace my Sony KV-28DSU hulk. I want a sharp, colourful picture but not too worried about the speakers as I have a Sony D800S home cinema which will take audio input from TV. Unfortunately the HC only has S-video output (how close is that really to RGB?). I also have a PACE Sky digibox which has RGB output direct to TV.

    I have a few questions...

    1. What quality of display do I need given that I 'only' have S-video out from DVD.

    2. Same question regarding the RGB from the digibox. Presumably, the RGB out from digibox is only as good as the signal in from the dish. Currently the RGB digibox output isn't as good as the s-video DVD output. Does the fact that the digibox has RGB out mean that I need a high quality display to get the best out of it?

    3. Presumably I only need a display rather than a TV as the digibox is working as the tuner? Or is it best to go from integrated tuner/freeview circuitry just in case digibox gives up the ghost.

    4. Where can I get good independant reviews of currently available models, eiither on web or magazine?

    5. I found one review of Panasonic TH42PE30B and that sounded pretty good. Any comments?

    6. There seem to be massive discounts available online - are there any web retailers I should avoid?

    Any feedback, suggestions, advice gratefully recieved.
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    Chorley, Lancs
    Hi Scorpio,

    1. I would not assume that you will be keeping your current DVD player forever, so ensure that whatever plasma you purchase has sufficient inputs for new DVD's i.e component video, RGB scart, or even HDMI if you can stretch to it, but don't stress too much about the latter.
    2. Your DVD will usually output better PQ than a digibox, even thru S-video. However, there are ways to improve the signal from the digi box, i.e. RGB to component convertors or RGB to VGA. Again, you'll need to ensure that the Plasma has these inputs, and the converters are a little box that cost about £140. If you scour thru these forums you'll find out all about them.
    3. Unless you have Sky +, a tuner in the TV is always handy if you're recording one thing and wish to watch something else. A built in tuner being freeview/digital is a bonus. Several models have these, and I can see this becoming more prevalent.
    4. Duh, take a trip to a newsagent or trawl the web.
    5. Search this forum for comments on this model, or check the magazines.
    6. If you use a price search engine such as pricerunner.com there are usually reviews/ratings on each online retailer. Again, search this forum for comments on a particular retailer you may have in mind.

    To summarize, 'research' is the answer to ALL of your questions. This involves plowing thru forums like these, spending a fortune on magazines. I suggest that answers to all of your questions are already on this forum :) but not all in the same place. My personal 'forum etiquette' is to not to ask a question unless I am real sure it's not already been answered somewhere.
    Good luck in your search.
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    If you put a buget that you want to spend on a panel it will help give you a few answers.

    You say you are looking at the Panasonic TH42PE30B, for that money I would buy the 42pw6 (monitor only) from one of the forum sponsors, they are doing it with wall bracket and a choice of input board (component, rgb , s-video etc.) for just over the £2k mark. Then with the money you saved get yourself a decent dvd player and Amp, one that can output component would be a start, progessive scan even better.

    To answer your questions, sky has the ability to be as good as the best dvd out there, but they do not give enough bitrate to each channel, that is why it does not look as good as dvd.
    If you went for the panny pw6 then one of the JS RGB -> Component converters at around £140 would be your best bet, this would go straight into the vga plug on the panel. Then you could get a dual slot input board that has component, s-video and composite that would allow you to input your DVD and any games consoles into the set. This would leave one slot free to add another input at a later date if required, say DVI, scart or whatever.
    That lot would come to around £2300 delivered.

    You would notice a big picture difference between your sony system and a £100 progresive scan dvd player on a 42" screen, don't buy a screen based on your current system, buy it based on where you want your system to be in a years time.

    The panasonic you mention is a very good screen, but it has all the tuner and speakers built in that you really don't need, it is also more limited in the resolutions it can handle, which may not bother you now but may in another year when sky start to transmit H-Def stuff and you won't be able to watch it.

    I think that if you are after just a panel then most people on here will agree that it is between the panasonics and pioneers, i personally could not live with the black levels on a pioneer, even with the extra detail the pioneers give out doesn't do it for me.
    You don't know if you are missing out on very fine detail on backgrounds etc. if you don't have another display sitting next it to show you what is missing, but you know when a scene is meant to be black imho.

    Spend a few days looking through the forum and you will probably know what you want to demo after a few days, then you will probably demo them and go with somthing else, I always do ;)
    Remember, there are very few people who come onto here and say, I have just spent £xxxx and it is ****e, so take peoples individual views with a pinch of salt, you need to see these things for yourself, make a short list then demo, not in comet or currys etc. but in a dedicated place that wants to show you each at their best.

    Have fun :)

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