Looking for 32 LCD but have a big problem!



Hi guys,

I am looking to spend up to £1400.00 on a new LCD, but being in the Channel Islands the choice is limited to actually go and 'view' a model in a store to compare, so I really have to hope that the reviews are accurate.

I would welcome any advice from you guys as you seem to have the finger on the pulse.

Reading the forums -

The Samsung LE32R41BD and the Panasonic TX32LXD52 seem to feature highly. Then I read about the Sony, JVC and Toshiba, and even now the Acer 32 for a great budget LCD.

Of course I want HDMI and the best,sharpest picture for the money like everyone. Sound not so important from TV itself as it will be connected via home cinema! Also we don't have any kind of freeview over here, and all of my viewing is via Sky+ so integrated Freeview tuner would never be used!

Tall order, but thanks in advance!

My current top in your price range (based on viewing)

1) Sony V
2) Panny 500
3) Hitachi 7200/ Sony S
4) Sammy 51/41 B
5) LG LX-2R
Thanks for that...

I was told the the Panny 52 is pretty much identical to the Panny 500 only a lot cheaper... Is this just shop talk as they have a 52 in stock?
I haven't seen the 52 in the flesh...
But views here are that the 500 has slightly better picture than the 52.
Check on the other topics about them. Personally I can't speak about them.
OK I have decided to go for the Panny 500. Now newt question does anyone know of a company that will.....

a. Deliver to the Channel Islands
b. Remove the VAT from the product. (EmpireDirect refused to remove the VAT which is illegal by the way)

Many thanks

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