Looking for 32 inch CRT




I'm after a decent 32inch widescreen CRT at about the £350 mark. Can anyone recommend a particular set?



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Will it make any difference that Tosh do not manufacture CRT TVs anymore?
I was a little annoyed to see this on their site. Put me off them a little.

I'm looking for a new TV too and wanting to keep costs down but quality up I thought of getting a Tosh CRT. Dunno anymore.

Any other suggestions?
(rough spec: 32" flat wide, HD to work with Tosh SD350E DVD, surround sound would be nice)

P.S. Dan123: sorry if I'm hijacking your thread.


Hijack away, I don't mind...

I'm happy anyway as I've just bought a 32" Sony Wega off ebay for £270 including stand :D

There are quite a few Sonys and Toshibas for good prices if you don't mind secondhand stuff.

I just need to build up my muscles so I can lift it onto the stand (70kg :eek: )
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