Looking for 1080p LCD with good analog quality




I have been searching for a perfect tv for almost a year now and still can't make a choice. I'm sure I want a FullHD model (as it's futureproof and I hook up my laptop regularly), but I also watch analog tv almost every day (up until digital tv will be mainstream here in Belgium) so that also needs to look decent. And finally I also play a bit of Wii now and then (but I think it should not be a problem for most LCD's to display 480p well).
I also got a budget limited to 900£ (if needed, I could squeeze out 1000£ too), but since I'm looking for a 37"er, that seems to be enough nowadays.

So far, I have narrowed it down to these three (but I am still open for other, better options).
- Samsung LE37ME87BD (around 900£)
- Toshiba 37X3030D (around 800£)
- Sharp 37XD1E (around 800£)

Which of these three would seem best to suit my needs? I understand that (unfortionally) none of these support motion compensation, but I'm hoping I won't be bothered by that.


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I had those 3 sets shortlisted too... and I went for the Samsung, as I found it in Cost Co for £760.

It has better connectivity (3 HDMI ports) and the inputs (HDMI, VGA and Component) all support 1080p. I can't remember the exact issues with the other two, but I remember being more restricted when it came to inputs.

They're all good sets though.

Regarding the motion thing, it's nowhere near as bad a problem as I thought it would be - and as a general rule, I think all of these sets handle motion quite well, as they're decent TV's. Even football broadcasts hold up really well. All in all, I'm glad I didn't go for a 720p set with 100hz processing, or hold out for a 1080p one with 100hz which would have cost a lot more.

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