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Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by Adz81, Jan 11, 2008.

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    Sorry for being a noob but i just need a little info if poss, here goes...

    I have a Samsung LE40M87, Sky +, Wii, XBOX 360, Yamaha AV-4101 and PS3 (Amp and PS3 should arrive middle of next week from pixmania). The details for the Amp are below, what i would like to know is how i can get the most out of the system and the TV, i also need to know what cables i need to order as i have only ordered two HDMI cables so far. I will hopefully be upgrading to Sky HD in the next 3 months.

    USB port
    4 audio video inputs (including 3 S-Video)
    2 analogue audio inputs
    3 HD-compatible YUV inputs (1080i/720p)
    2 1080p-compatible HDMI inputs
    2 digital optical inputs
    1 digital coaxial input
    5.1 evolutive input

    1 HDMI output
    YUV monitor output
    1 composite or S-video monitor output
    2 analogue audio outputs (DVR+MD)
    Subwoofer output for bass box

    Am i right in thinking the HDMI output goes to the TV? or is the Amp only for audio?

    Thanks in advance people
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    I'm pretty sure the Yamaha 4101 only switches HDMI so there is no need to connect your video sources to it, other than maybe the Xbox 360 and wii as I would suggest getting the wii component cable and getting another componenet cable from the monitor out to the TV. I would stick with audio connections only for the rest. You will probably need either a toslink splitter or an optical to coax converter box as your amp has 2 optical inputs and you will need 3 (Xbox 360, sky+ and PS3).

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