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Daft Ada

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Hi Guys, I'm looking to upgrade my old Sony HTTS1100 which has served me very well for the past 9 years and need a bit of advice. I've looked at a couple of Sony options, but it doesn't look like they still do a cheapish amp like my old one any more so I've branched out to a 3D Blu-Ray Home Cinema combo instead. The BDVN7200W has caught my eye and although it's absolute top of my budget I'm thinking of picking it up ready for Christmas.

Is this a decent package or are the cheaper £200-300 Sony options just as good? I'm also wondering how I should go about rigging up the rest of my AV/gaming gear to it. I have a PS3, 360, Wii U and Sky box going into my TV, I'm going to upgrade to PS4 and maybe XB1 if there are any good deals come Black Friday (the older machines can then be relegated to my bedroom). Is it best to keep these going into the telly and use optical out into the Blu-Ray player or instead use an HDMI switcher to connect them straight into the player?

Any advice or feedback on this model would be most appreciated!

Joe Fernand

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Using a TV as the 'Hub' of the system can be problematic if you are expecting 'surround Sound' from your Sources as most TV's limit you to Inputting and Outputting 2Ch stereo audio (even where the TV supports and Outputs 5.1 from its own streaming services).

I'm not clear on why you feel the need to swap out your current system as assuming it is working you are likely to gain very little (if anything) by swapping it for a newer 'budget' system.


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