Looking at Panasonic FZ-38, but what's coming soon?


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Hi - I'm in the market for a digital camera - budget ranging from £200-400.

I've always been put off the SLR market because, not knowing much about them, see the fact you have to additional lenses, flashes etc. as a major hurdle, both portability-wise and budget wise.

I've looked at the Panasonic G-series, but ultimately it seems that lenses are still required for proper multi-functionality.

I casually mentioned this to my uncle, who I know has always been into his photos, and he said, after having SLRs in the past, last year he opted for the Panasonic FZ-30, saying it gives him just as good results and great portability.

He therefore pointed me in the direction of the FZ-38 as being the latest model. Doing some research it looks very good in terms of my primary criteria:

- price - seems the cheapest in it's range, but is ranked amongst the best
- video - good if not amazing video functionality
- picture quality - reviews are v. good, although I would like something that can shoot fast, and also produce good results at low light, not sure the FZ-38 is too good on these aspects
- zoom and image stabilisation

Probably the only thing that has stopped me jumping in and making the purchase is that, having used a Canon A620 for several years, I would definitely miss not having a swivel screen.

So are there current alternatives that give as good bang for buck, or is there anything in the super-zoom range new or coming soon that I would feel cheesed about if I got the FZ-38 now?

Thanks very much.


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The Canon PowerShot SX20 is up there, and it does have the swivel lcd, but reading around I'm not convinced about it's ISO performance or it's speed of operation (e.g. I've read 1 fps on continuous). If it was the same price as the FZ-38 I'd already have looked more closely at it, but I'm not convinced it's a better camera and ultimately I don't think I want to swap all-round quality for the sake of the swivel screen. Thanks for the recommendation though, I'm not ruling it out...

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